When it starts to get hot outside and you need to cool down the house, you want your air conditioner to work well. Summer days can get so hot that not having AC can become an emergency situation. Before you are faced with an emergency of your own, watch your air conditioner for warning signs. You might need a central air repair service if you notice any of these three things.

-The unit isn't cooling the house
Your system might be on the verge of breaking down completely if you notice the house is not getting cool even though you turned the central air on. The issue could be simple and you might just need more coolant. Or there could be larger issues at hand that need to be addressed. Either way, if the home isn't cooling down, you need a professional on site as soon as possible.

-The air isn't coming out strongly
If you are used to getting quite a bit of air streaming through your vents, you might notice a change when the airflow is weaker. You could try to fix that issue yourself by simply changing the air filter, but if that doesn't work, there could be something else causing the problem. Call a central air repair service to diagnose the issue so you can get the maximum airflow possible and cool your house faster.

-The unit is making a lot of noise
You know what your central air normally sounds like and if the system is making a lot more noise than usual, you might be on the verge of a breakdown. It could just be a loose part, or it could be a motor is about to go out. Have a professional take a look before you land in a hot emergency situation with no air conditioning.