Ductless Split Systems

What would you think of a house that had one light switch for the entire home? That is the kind of control you get with central air. Consequently, you are paying to cool and heat rooms that are often times unoccupied. One of the biggest reasons why Utah homeowners switch to ductless split systems for their cooling and heating needs is overall cost savings. Since mini splits have no ducting, they omit those energy losses associated with central forced-air systems and since these ductless systems allow homeowners to create multiple zones in their home, they no longer have to cool or heat rooms that aren’t occupied. Your Utah ductless split provides you with efficient heating and cooling all year long. Ductless split systems can be used in conjunction with your current central air system to deliver air directly into a single room without any existing ductwork, or be used as a primary heat source for room-by-room comfort. For a free analysis call the experts at Humphrey Plumbing Heating and Air where we install these in cities all along the Wasatch Front. Our office is centrally located in Bountiful and we travel to Salt Lake City, Herriman, Sandy, Holladay, Farmington, Layton and all of the cities in between.

In addition to overall cost savings, a ductless split system can also handle greater extremes in temperatures, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners. And since the ductless system is temperature-controlled within each zone, you are able to eliminate the need to compromise your comfort for the needs of other household members and overcompensate for the areas in your home untouched by your current HVAC systems.

With ductless splits, an outdoor unit is connected to 1 or more indoor units with a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. The cables only require a three-inch hole in the wall for installation, eliminating the need for expensive and invasive ductwork. The indoor units vary by size and style and each creates its own “zone” of comfort, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms and open spaces. Once your ductless heat pump is installed, simply set each zone to your preferred temperature with the remote control!

Humphrey Heating and Air have been installing ductless split systems since 2006. We expertly install only the highest quality ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.

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Ductless Split Benefits

Energy Efficient – The compressor starts off operating at very low speeds, unlike conventional systems that cause the compressor to spike at high amp draws when starting.

Individual Zoning – Mount it in any room for customized comfort.

Year-Round Comfort – They can handle greater extremes in temperatures and reach the desired temp more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

Reliability – With over 40 years of HVAC experience and a 99.99% product performance rate, you can rest easy knowing that our ductless systems will keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

Décor Options – Match your indoor unit to your personal style!

Quiet Operation – Compressors only run as fast as they need to handle the heating or cooling demand, making them smoother and more stable in operation.

Wi-Fi app – No need to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature in your home, control your thermostat from your smartphone!

Why hire a professional?

In a world where instructions are readily available online, why not attempt to install the system yourself?

– A load calculation is performed room by room by an expert HVAC technician to ensure proper design and unit sizing for each job.

– Outdoor unit clearance is very important to proper operation. It should be raised above the pad and anticipated snow depth. These clearances are critical for airflow, drainage, and maintenance. If you don’t put it in right, it won’t work right.

– If you don’t seal the hole both inside and outside you could cause serious, time-intensive cleaning and repairs. Openings can allow in pests, excess humidity, stormwater creating an environment for mold to grow and damage to the home. Open holes into the wall cavity could allow foul odors to enter, as well as pests and loose insulation.

– Maximum and minimum line set lengths must be calculated, paying close attention to unit elevations.

– Properly insulated tools and safety gear are required.

The time has come to upgrade from “on or off, the whole house take it or leave it” air conditioning and heating. Call the experts at Humphrey Heating and Air to schedule a free in-home quote for the purchase and installation of a ductless split system. Our certified technicians can easily set up this highly efficient system in your electrically heated Utah homes. We offer 18 month no interest financing on ductless split installations, and Utah homeowners may also be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates for the year they install a ductless system.

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