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Layton is a rapidly growing community of over 70,000 citizens. Recently, it became the most heavily populated city in Davis County. Hill Air Force Base is the major employer in the city and has played a major role in the city’s growth. Layton has become an important shopping and business center in the area with numerous businesses.

Humphrey Heating and Air is a full service HVAC company that has been serving Layton and the Salt Lake City Metro Area with unsurpassed professionalism and customer service for over 10 years. When you call for a technician from Humphrey Heating and Air, your satisfaction is not only important, it is guaranteed.

Layton Central Air Repair

Why pay the money for a new system when you can still get your current air conditioner repaired? In many cases, your Air Conditioner may not need to be replaced. It could be a faulty fan, a broken piece of piping, a leak, etc. Many problems that would cause your cooling system to malfunction can be easily repaired by our certified HVAC technicians. Humphrey Heating and Air is committed to saving you money, so if your air conditioner can be repaired, then that is exactly what we are here to do! We have the skills and experience necessary to diagnose any cooling system issues you are having, and determine whether repairs are possible. If no new specialty components are needed, the unit can be repaired in a single visit, restoring your home to its optimal temperature quickly and efficiently.

Our mission at Humphrey Heating and Air is to provide the best possible service at the best price to homeowners. We offer same day service, unbeatable warranties, emergency service, up front pricing, service agreements, and a personal touch to all our Layton HVAC customers. Call the experts at Humphrey Heating and Air at 801-294-2757!

"I chose Humphrey based on the quantity of positive reviews. They did not disappoint! Quick and efficient!"

Taylor - Layton, Utah

“I assumed when my AC stopped working that any repair tech would immediately tell me I needed a new unit. Not Nick at Humphrey! He replaced a broken part and showed us what was damaged and it was a relief that he was so honest and fast! And they came within a couple hours of me calling. I highly recommend these guys!” – Melissa, Layton