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 Indoor Air Quality

Each season in Utah presents its own set of unique problems which immensely affect the quality of our indoor air.

 Spring and summer: We leave our windows and doors open which brings allergens such as dust, pollen, pet hair, fungus spores, mold, and air pollution into our homes. Air conditioners are running continually at peak performance and they are circulating this poor air through our HVAC system and ducts. Stuffy noses and watery eyes are not uncommon. Trees, flowers, and grass release millions of spores which cause us to sneeze, plug up our sinuses, make our eyes water, and make us feel terrible. If you have dogs or cats this is the time of year they are shedding. We leave our windows and doors open which lets in the dust. Air conditioners are running at peak performance and they are running this poor air through our HVAC systems.

 Fall and Winter: Autumn in Utah means grass and weed pollens are present together. Utah’s wet and windy autumn causes the pollen to spread easily, and can also ramp up mold spores. In the winter we have very dry air. Utah is in the top ten on a list of cities with the driest air in the United States. In fact, our air has the same humidity level as the air in the Sahara Dessert!  As we crank up the heat indoors, we are disturbing resting house dust and removing even more humidity out of our homes, circulating dry, dusty air through our HVAC system and ducts. When the inversion sets in our bodies are also assaulted by the pollution in the air. If you have pets, they are mostly indoors in the winter. Their hair and skin dander are circulating through the air day and night. These two added components can be detrimental to the quality of your indoor air. This poses the following question: What is your family breathing in?

 At Humphrey Heating and Air, we know that it is not your house that makes your place a home… it is the people inside it that make home worth coming home to. That is why you care enough to offer the very best for yourself and your family. These days your heating and air conditioning system can do more than just keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Humphrey Heating and Air installs a variety of products and offers an array of services that will allow your home to be a sanctuary from the elements. Air quality solutions can aid in asthma maintenance, allergy relief and prevention and more. These are some indoor air essentials that are available for your HVAC system:



Produce an active cloud of air scrubbers that sweep through the home and seek out indoor contaminants, safely and effectively eliminating bacteria, mold viruses, mildew, smoke, odors, and pollutants in the air AND on surfaces.


Have you ever seen the steam coming out of your flue outside on a cold day? Some of that is moisture that is being pulled from your home. The inside of your house can be as dry as a desert in the winter which can cause dry sinuses, dry skin, and throat irritation. A good humidifier will put that moisture back in your home. The product we use distributes humidity evenly through a home up to 4,200 square feet. Humidifiers prevent flu and allergies, neutralize static electricity, reduce pet dander, relieve dry skin & scratchy throats, and reduce heating costs.


A Media Air Cleaner protects your HVAC system like no other filtration system. 10x more effective than a standard 1” furnace filter, it captures more household dust, lint, pet dander, pollen, and mold as the contaminants pass through the return ducts in your heating system. The replacement filter is readily available at home stores and only needs to be changed 2 times a year.


Everyone likes a clean home. You vacuum, mop, scrub, and wipe but what about the areas that you can’t get to like your ductwork? Humphrey Heating and Air use the best air duct cleaning products available. Our truck mounted compressor blows compressed air through your vents while a powerful vacuum pulls dust, pollen, dander, and debris out of your HVAC system.


Nest thermostats learn your preferences and automatically adjusts the thermostat for you, creating higher levels of comfort. It can sense when you walk by it and adjust the temperature. You can also control it with your smartphone with wi-fi. Nest thermostats qualify for a $100 Questar rebate.


We take the air you breathe pretty seriously. We know you do too. That is why we promise to always do our very best to provide you with exactly what you need, exactly when you need it for a joy-filled, healthy home. The indoor air quality solutions listed above will improve humidity levels, filter pollution, pollens, and allergens, kill bacteria, germs, and molds. Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable technician and find out what products would work best for your situation.