People who suffer with sinuses and dry skin know that it is not only uncomfortable, it's unhealthy. Fan powered humidifiers moisturize the air in your home. With Utah's desert climate and cold winters no home should be without one.

Your heating system can do more than just keep you warm. There are accessories available for your HVAC system that will make you more comfortable in your home, save energy, and clean the air. Every time your furnace runs it eliminates moisture in your home. Have you ever seen a flue venting water vapor on a cold day? Some of that is moisture being pulled from your home. As a result, the air in your home will be dry and stuffy. This will cause dry sinuses, dry skin, and can also give you a sore throat. Humidifiers eliminate this problem.

Utah Humidifier Installation

A humidifier can be installed in your duct work and will put moisture in the air that circulates in your home every time the furnace runs. An added benefit to installing a fan powered humidifier is that the air actually feels warmer at a lower heat setting.  In addition, it will also reduce static electricity, and will keep wood floors and furniture looking brand new.

*You must have a floor drain and water heater or water source near the furnace in order to have a humidifier installed.