Humidifier types and Recommendations

 In the past few years, whole home humidifiers have become increasingly more popular for Utah homeowners. Our dry climate necessitates the need for these HVAC accessories for comfortable and healthy breathing. In order for a humidifier to function to its maximum capabilities, it should be installed by an experienced HVAC contractor.

Humidifier Holladay Utah

Types of Humidifiers:

                Bypass Humidifiers. In theory, these humidifiers use the air movement of the ductwork to humidify the air. Because the air on the supply side of the ductwork has a slightly higher velocity than the air on the return side, a small amount of air will be pulled through a moist pad while the furnace is in operation. We have found that this type of humidifier has almost no benefit. They do not increase the home's humidity very much. If a humidistat (a thermostat for the humidifier that is usually mounted in the duct work) is used, humidity levels will rarely exceed the minimum setting. They only come on when the furnace comes on and do not have the ability to control the circulation fan. Humphrey Heating and Air does not install or recommend a bypass humidifier.

                Fan-powered Humidifiers. This type of humidifier is mounted to the ductwork and uses a fan to push humidified air through the vents. A water line is installed to the humidifier which wets a pad. The fan forces air through this pad. Excess water is drained to a floor drain or condensate pump. There are two different models we recommend – The Aprilaire 700m and the April Air 700a. Both include a humidistat and use the furnace fan to circulate the air.  The 700m will only come on when the furnace comes on. The 700a has the ability to operate and turn the furnace fan on for maximum performance. The humidistat automatically controls these functions. Because the 700a has these features, it is the humidifier we recommend.

                Steam Humidifiers. These humidifiers have a heating element that creates steam, which is incorporated into the duct system while the furnace fan is running. The technicians at Humphrey Heating and Air commonly recommend and install the Aprilaire 800 model. It has the potential to produce the most humidity when compared to other residential humidifiers. This humidifier is quiet as well. A canister is used and does need to be replaced periodically. The levels of hard water in your home will affect how often this needs to be done.

If you are considering a humidifier for your Utah home call Humphrey Heating and Air. Our experts can come to your home, discuss your needs, and install the humidifier that suits your home best. We offer free estimates and easy payment options. With our professional installation, you will be sure that your humidifier will provide clean comfortable air for many years to come.