Earthday 2018 Contest – Free Nest Thermostat

/Earthday 2018 Contest – Free Nest Thermostat
Earthday 2018 Contest – Free Nest Thermostat 2018-03-23T14:10:44+00:00

Earthday isn’t the most celebrated holiday but at Humphrey Plumbing Heating and Air, it is one of our favorites. This year we are doing a contest for a free Nest thermostat. Simply guess what the weather will be like on Earthday, April 22nd, 2018.

The Nest thermostat is WiFi compatible and you can even control it from your phone. It can lower your utility bills when ran in certain settings. Making your home less energy dependent is just one of the little things you can do for Earthday 2018.

Here is how it works…guess what the coolest temperature of the day will be, add that to what the warmest temperature will be, then add what the precipitation will be (if any) and finally add what the maximum wind speed was. We will be using the data on the Farmers Almanac site for Bountiful (84010)









In the example above from April 29th, 2017 the minimum temperature was 36 degrees, the maximum was 57 degrees, the precipitation was .05 inches and the maximum wind speed was 19.68 mph.

36+57+.05+19.68 = 112.73

Whoever guessed closest to 112.73 would have won the Nest thermostat in this scenario.

Use any of our contact forms and tell us your number OR put your number in the comments on the Facebook ad. Don’t forget the decimal point. Submissions are due by April 15th, 2018. Good luck!