ductless split bountiful ut

Add Room Specific Controlled Air to your Home!

Ductless Split AC/Heat Unit. This fancy little wall ornament is capable of simultaneously heating or cooling 3 rooms in this house with the touch of a remote control the comfort level can be specific to each person in the home. Our professionals can help you, help your basement be warmer in the summer when the AC makes it too cold, or cooler in the winter when your furnace makes it too hot. With its intuitive remote can set programs for when you are in the home and away. Even if you already have an AC unit, consider a Ductless split for specific needs for each room. The internal heads mount at the top of the wall out of the way of pets, vacuums, decor and more and the vents can be directed to specific areas. Call us for an estimate to install at your place up to 4 rooms per unit. You'll thank us later! 801-294-2757