Drain Cleaning

Have you ever flushed the toilet and it overflowed causing a major mess? Taken a shower in a half a foot of standing water? Worse yet, have you ever flushed the toilet and what you flushed down the toilet comes up another drain? You’re not alone. It happens hundreds of times a day to homeowners all across the state of Utah.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Why do more homeowners call Humphrey Plumbing Heating and Air to clear those stubborn clogs? Because they know our professional plumbers will have them washing, showering and flushing again in hours, not days! There are many drain cleaning technicians out there, but not all are prepared to offer you the level of service you may need.

Each of our drain cleaning professionals has the training and experience to handle even the most complicated of issues. Our Company is licensed, insured and trained to clear any drain issue, including:

  • Blocked kitchen drains (kitchen sinks, garbage disposals)
  • Blocked bathroom drains (bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs)
  • Clogged toilets
  • Backed-up sewer lines
  • Slow moving drains
  • High-pressure drain clearing
  • And more!

Drain cleaning is something that professionals should always handle, as a slow-moving or completely clogged drain can quickly escalate into an emergency plumbing situation. Whether you’re facing a minor clog or a completely blocked drainage system, we can help. You can always trust the dependability of our Utah drain cleaners.

Please call us at 801-294-2757 if you notice any of the following issues:

Slow Moving Drains-

While it may be tempting to buy over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners, this is usually a bad idea. Chemical cleaners damage plumbing systems and may not destroy the entirety of the clog in question

Recurring Clogs -

Drainage problems only get worse over time. If you find a clogged or slow moving drain in your home or business, then it is time to pick up the phone and get in touch with our drain cleaning professionals.

Smelly Drains-

If your drains are producing foul odors, then it’s probably time to contact us for a drain cleaning service call.

Even the most stubborn clogs are no match for our drain cleaning professionals. We respond to your needs quickly, arrive at your home at the scheduled time, diagnose the problem by utilizing the latest in video inspection technology to see exactly where the problem is in any drain line, provide you with solutions… and with our upfront pricing, you’ll know the exact costs before any work begins! We not only get results, we also thoroughly clean the work area before we leave.

From overflowing toilets to backed up sewer lines, our professional plumbers are on-call to clear your drain today.

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