Air conditioner repair Kaysville Ut

Furnace and air conditioner repair in Kaysville

Kaysville is one of our favorite areas that we provide heating and air conditioner service to. It is truly an all American town and we enjoy the interaction with the pleasant home and business owners in Kaysville. Humphrey Heating and Air is located within 15 minutes of Kaysville and we are accustomed to your types of central air and furnace systems. We are a local Davis County business and have serviced thousands of HVAC systems in your area.

Homeowners needing air conditioner repair in Kaysville Utah have often used our services. Humphrey Heating and Air have been appreciative of the friends and customers we have been making there since 2006.

Air conditioning installers in Kaysville Utah

Humphrey Heating and Air offers air conditioning replacement in Kaysville. We can provide information to you to help you determine what size, model, and efficiency are best for you. We have a variety of systems for you to choose from and we can customize a package that will fit your needs.

We use Amana air conditioners which are top of the line and come with a parts warranty of up to ten years, and a ten labor warranty is also available on certain systems. Amana equipment is made in America.

Air conditioner repair Kaysville Ut
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All of our central air systems use r-410a refrigerant. Most central air systems installed in Utah before 2008 the old type of refrigerant called r-22 (Freon). The old type of refrigerant is being phased out and will no longer be produced by 2020. Manufacturers are only allowed to make a certain amount per year and the cost of this refrigerant has skyrocketed. If you have an older system that needs to be topped off every year you may want to consider upgrading, it to a new r-410 system. We braise all our refrigerant line connections and don’t use soft solder. This assures a strong leak-free connection.

In most cases, we use a 3-inch plastic pad to set the new condenser on. This type of pad will absorb vibration which leads to quieter operation. It can be set on the leveled ground or even grass. When installing a new central air system an electrical disconnect box will also be installed near the outside unit.

Should you have a need for an affordable air conditioner repair in Kaysville please give us a call at 801-294-2757.