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Central Air Installation – Utah

If you are thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner please consider a free estimate from Humphrey Heating and Air. Humphrey Heating and Air proudly installs the best quality HVAC equipment on the market. We never use builders model equipment or cheap materials and we proudly install American made Amana brand central air and furnace systems. A central air installation consists of hundreds of connections and many considerations which should only be attempted by qualified installers with many years of experience. An improperly installed system will break down and will not be able to reach its designed efficiency no matter what brand is used. You can expect us to use drop cloths to protect your carpet and we always leave our work space cleaner than when we found it.

At Humphrey Heating and Air we understand that replacing your air conditioner is a major investment and you want the best product at a reasonable price. Unlike most HVAC companies we keep our advertising costs down and pass the savings on to you. Many of our customers are referrals from past clients. We are well reviewed through Angies List and our Google reviews are authentic. We use reliable air conditioning equipment that will last over 20 years if properly maintained. Thousands of Utah homeowners have had their central air system replaced by Humphrey Heating and Air. Our installation methods have been developed from many years of experience. You can rest assured that your installation will be done in a way that will provide maximum performance from the system.

Humphrey Heating and Air offers 10 year parts and lAir Conditioner Install Holliday Utahabor on many of our furnaces and air conditioners.  Some models even have lifetime unit replacement. Why do we offer these warranties? We stand by the quality or our installations.  Like most companies we used to offer the standard 2 year labor 5 year parts warranty on our installs. On the rare occasions when this period was up and a customer called us with a minor problem we found ourselves doing the repair for free. Our custom installations are a work of art and we are happy do stand by our product.  At Humphrey Heating and Air we have the experience and training to properly install the best air conditioner systems in Utah. With warranties like these, we have to!

An air conditioning system is an essential part of any Utah home. When properly installed a central air system will cool your house evenly and remove humidity from the inside air inside your home. There are few conveniences that are better than a cool home on a hot summer day. We guarantee that a new furnace or central air system will heat or cool your home more comfortably and efficiently than your old one. With our lifetime unit replacement warranty this the last air conditioner you will ever need to buy.

Humphrey Heating and Air offers a variety of central air systems from basic 13 SEER to high efficiency 20 SEER models. SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a rating based on how much electricity the model uses compared to other models. The size of a central air system is rated in tons. Residential homes use central air systems rated from 2 to 5 tons. A properly sized air conditioner is very important and bigger is not always better. Humphrey Heating and Air can provide you the information you need to make a decision on what system works best for you.

Humphrey Heating and Air installs custom central air systems which are tailored to our customer’s needs. Below are just a few of our favorites:


This is a basic central air system and is at the minimum allowed SEER of 13. It’s a no frills system that will use most electricity of any of the other options. In many cases it is still an upgrade especially if you are replacing the builders model air conditioner that came with your home. These units feature an attractive louvered metal coil guard that protects the coil from damage plus a powder-paint finish that provides premium durability and improved UV protection. While operating the sound level is 71 to 75 Decibels.

13 SEER central air installation



The 14 SEER system is slightly more efficient than the 13 SEER. In many some cases it will have better warranties. These compressors are equipped with a sensor that will proactively shut the system down should it detect conditions that could damage the compressor.  By doing this costly repairs are often avoided. The 14 SEER is one of the quietest units we install. While operating the sound level is 70 to 71 decibels

14 SEER central air installation










This central air system is an excellent choice to achieve maximum utility savings. Amana air conditioners feature a durable scroll compressor. The 16 SEER unit is quiet and reliable as well. It’s cost effective and it has some of the best warranties we offer including 10-year parts and labor and lifetime unit replacement if the compressor fails. 71 to 73 decibels

16 SEER Central Air Installation









2 stage 18 SEER

This central air system is a popular choice for many Utah homeowners that choose to have their air conditioner and furnace replaced at the same time. It uses two stages of cooling in conjunction with the furnace fan. The air conditioner kicks into the second stage only when needed. On mild days, this system usually operates on the first stage only. These units will provide maximum comfort for your home. While operating in the second stage the sound level 71 to 74 decibels

16 SEER Central Air Installation









Modulating 20 SEER

The 20 SEER modulating central air system is the quietest system around. When it is in its low stage you may not even hear it running if you are more than 15 feet away. As with the two stage system, this one can only be properly installed if the furnace has a variable speed blower motor. It has an ultra quiet high-efficiency variable speed outside fan motor as well. While running the sound level is 57 to 71 decibels.


20 SEER Central Air Installation









All of our central air systems feature the following:

Energy-efficiency compressor
Factory-installed filter drier
Copper tube/aluminum fin coil
Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet with sound control top design
Steel louver coil guard


Many of our Amana central air systems come with a 10 year parts 10 year labor warranty. That’s right – if your central air system breaks down within 10 years it will be fixed for free. Some of our Amana central air systems have a life time heat compressor guarantee. In the unlikely event your compressor fails Amana will provide a new central air unit free of charge for as long as you own the home. This is the last central air you will ever need to buy!

10 year partsLife time unit replacement








Quality equipment is an important factor to consider however if it is not installed correctly the benefits become obsolete. A poorly installed central air system will not cool properly, will break down, and will have a shorter than normal life span. A HVAC installation consists of hundreds of connections and many considerations which should only be attempted by qualified installers with many years of experience. You can expect us to use drop cloths to protect your carpet and we always leave our work space cleaner than when we found it. At Humphrey Heating and Air we have the experience and training to properly install the best HVAC systems in town. With warranties like ours we have to.

Our motto is “You only get one chance to do it right the first time!”


Humphrey Heating and Air offers several financing options. Our most popular plan is 18 months no interest but we also have plans that will allow you to pay off your purchase over a longer period of time at a low-interest rate. Our friendly technicians can explain these options and help you fill out the credit application. (801) 294­2757.

We offer our services to cities along the Wasatch Front including but not limited to Salt Lake City, Murray, Sandy, West Jordan, Magna, West Valley, Taylorsville, Draper, Ogden, Bountiful, Centerville, Woods Cross, Layton, Kaysville, Sugarhouse, and Holladay.

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